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To break out the fireworks for #1 International Bestselling Author Andrew Peterson’s highly-anticipated July 3rd (2018) release in the Nathan McBride Series. We’ve got a firey, military grunge look throughout the site to bring out the political thrill ride of these books that keeps fans coming back for more. The front page header is animated with floating embers for a subtle, dynamic touch. The site alternates dark, action-packed hero images with clean grunge sections that keep it easy to read and engaging. I also designed an animated header for Andrew’s Facebook profile, and a matching branded banner for Twitter. (Branded social media banners are included with every new website project). cool


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Andrew Peterson's Hired to Kill: Book 7 in the Nathan McBride SeriesIn this fast-paced thriller, special operative Nathan McBride battles the most treacherous enemy he’s ever faced—and the one hitting closest to home.

After simultaneous deadly terror attacks on San Diego and the nation’s capital, Nathan learns that the mass murders weren’t random events—they targeted his family.

And the threat is far from over. Part of a larger plot involving a sabotaged North Korean bioweapons facility and an ISIS training camp in northern Mexico, a third attack—bigger than 9/11—is being hatched by cold-blooded killers.

With the US Border Patrol and the CIA supporting the mission, Nathan teams up with longtime family friend Vincent Beaumont, the CEO of America’s largest private military contractor.

In a harrowing firefight, Nathan’s assault team will have to neutralize the terrorist cell, recover the weapons of mass destruction, and get them safely across the international border. The lives of thousands are at risk as Nathan weighs his lust for revenge against the most crucial part of the mission—taking the ringleaders alive—which might just cost him his life.