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CLIENT: Author Teri Wilson @ OBJECTIVE: To re-launch Teri with a website that’s light, romantic, and a bit more on the blogger/magazine looking side, since Teri is a prolific online columnist for such sites as Hello Giggles and WWKD?.


WordPress, CPanel, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter & Google APIs


Romance, masonry/magazine, blog, contemporary, light, fun, modern


Authors, bloggers, fashionistas, social media influencers
Teri and I have been together for quite some time now, and watching her book career transcend to film on The Hallmark Channel (Unleashing Mr. Darcy, The Art of Us, Marrying Mr. Darcy) has been nothing short of amazing. I love working with Teri on everything full stop, because she is a sparkly, Unicorn Person, full stop. laughing
  • Branding 5% 5%
  • Coding 15% 15%
  • PhotoShop 35% 35%
  • WordPress 45% 45%
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jaye. I call her my sparkly creative unicorn because her skills are just beyond. She has made my website and entire social media presence look gorgeous, but on top of that, she’s also great at writing copy and reminding me of things that need to be done when I’m either too swamped or distracted to keep up with my own book releases. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her. She has a beautiful eye and also possesses an uncanny ability to tailor her look and voice to those of her clients. Plus she’s a total genius at integrating my site with all the different social platforms out there, even the ones I forget that I’m on. I’m constantly in awe of her.” Teri Wilson

Writer & Novelist, Harlequin, Pocket & Tulle Publishing; Hello Giggles; Teen Vogue; WWKD?