Project Overview

Demo reel, schemo reel! I wanted to do something quick, snappy and celebratory of creative professionals. Enter… THE UNICORN STOMP! This is a little teaser video created with love and magic not just for my new Clever Unicorn brand and relaunch, but for everyone out there who does not march, but dances to their own beat…


Teaser, trailer, launch campaign, pre-roll ad, short, music video


Creative, colorful, high energy, artistic, unconventional, poetic


Artists, musicians, authors, bloggers, designers, podcasters

Process & Insight

This video is more about Y-O-U than about me. It just so happens a Unicorn begins with U, so… well… watch, and see what happens! wink

When I chose to liberate myself from the task of “writing copy,” everything became pure magic. I had the luxury of approaching this piece like lyrics or a story, so I did. I consider this project more of a video poem, than an ad or a promo.

  • PhotoShop 5% 5%
  • Script Writing 25% 25%
  • After Effects 70% 70%


I shamelessly stole a concept from a YOUNGER promo that kept me saying, “Damn, I wish I’D written that!” I’ll even embed it here because it’s so clever.

Okay, so maybe not STEAL. I am just in awe of the YOUNGER creative team, and how they so effortlessly mix story, video and social media in a way that feels organic. It just kinda sparks my horn. Their season three launch campaign emboldened me to be “Stardust AF.” Because, y’know… if TV Land can be AF AF, why can’t a unicorn?