Well, Unicorns, the day has arrived. After a good year or so of wanting to start my own YouTube Channel, I finally… did it! 💥🦄

Being a book nerd and freelancer who works a ton with publishing companies and authors, The Reading Rush (formerly booktubeathon) felt like a perfect topic with which to begin. I don’t plan to be a bonafide #BookTuber, but I do plan to do vlogs and videos that will fit in with the BookTube crowd as an ongoing topic for my channel.

Because I am me™, most of my reads will be steeped in fantasy and magic – which is also on-topic for my channel as a whole (hello, Unicorn??)! With that said, I am also working to expand my horizons a bit by reading more classics, contemporary fiction, thrillers and horror. Also because I am me™, there will always be a self-development or business development book in the pile.

But enough of the preamble, let’s get to the video! If you enjoy what you watch, please like my video, and hit the subscribe button on my channel! Recurring topics will be genre entertainment and fandom, pop culture news and reviews (books, music, movies, TV), fashion, health/wellness, lyric videos and compilation reels, and whatever else is tooting my horn at the moment. I don’t know how often I can upload new content – I’m grateful to say my freelance life and family life are pretty busy! But I sure am going to try and develop a routine that helps me upload at least twice a month.

Are you participating in The Reading Rush? If yes, I’d love to connect with you! Here’s my Reading Rush Profile. I hope you enjoy my video, and… see ya on the #BookTube side! 📚🤓 ~J.

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