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Visual storytelling. Telly, Davey and Pixie Award-winning video production. Epic websites and digital designs. Unique branding packages. Social media content creation. Strategic marketing campaigns. Fueled by books, movies, music, my cats, the gym, my PlayStation 5, and growing vinyl record collection. U are ✨MAGIC.✨ Always Be Creating!

Jaye Rochon of Clever Unicorn: Winner of 3 Telly Awards
Jaye Rochon of Clever Unicorn: Winner of 2 Davey Awards
Jaye Rochon of Clever Unicorn: Winner of 2 Pixie Awards
Jaye is a Good Witch!

Hi, I’m Jaye!

I tell stories with video and design.

I’m a Telly, Davey and Pixie Award-winning writer, producer, and editor of commercials, trailers, titles sequences and app videos.

I also design websites, create branding packages, and manage social marketing campaigns. I’ve worked in television, film and publishing collectively for 30 years.

My first and forever love is music and performing arts. I’ve sung in musicals, performed in plays, and am a trained opera singer whose vocal work in film scores has been broadcast to millions of ears.

YOU are a work of art. Let’s create your own brand of magic together… 🤩💥🦄




Always Be Creating!


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Book Trailers & Video Production

Jaw-dropping book trailers, clever TikToks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts, opening titles sequences, and app videos that will get your viewers/readers/end users a-buzzing online about you!


Custom website themes and full online packages that effortlessly reflect your brand and personality. My specialty is in WordPress, but I can also spice up your BlogSpot, SquareSpace, and Wix websites! All website packages include newsletter opt-in/lead magnet strategies and implementation as well as social media integrations.

Monthly Marketing Retainer

Social media videos, carousel posts, and content pillar development. If you don’t want to deal a lot with social media, I can handle it for you! If you like to do it yourself, but want help with content pillars and strategies, we can create a beautiful, consistent online presence together! I can also help with your newsletters, giveaways, copywriting and proofreading, website and blog updates, and advertising campaigns.




Night of the Witch

by NYT Bestsellers
Sara Raasch & Beth Revis


It Found Us

Lindsay Currie


Midnight is the Darkest Hour

by Ashley Winstead


Bring Me Your Midnight

NYT Bestseller Rachel Griffin

Featured Website Designs


Official Website of Kim Conrey: Georgia Romance Author of the Year

2023 Georgia Romance Author of the Year


Romance is Her Business


Author of Southern Women’s Fiction

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