Are U> Ready to Shine?

Through the power of award-winning video production, dynamic designs, uniquely stunning websites, and sparkling social media management, together, we will grow your audience, enchant your customers and build your own brand of magic.
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Clever Unicorn: Your Own Brand of Magic.

Are U> Ready to Shine?

Through the power of award-winning video production, dynamic designs, uniquely stunning websites, and sparkling social media management, together, we will grow your audience, enchant your customers and build your own brand of magic.

U> Are . . .

  • A creative professional with tons of vision, but zero time for DIY marketing.
  • In existential angst over your current web presence.
  • Paralyzed by the notion of putting more of yourself out there on social media (even though you know it’s a career essential).
  • Excited at the prospect of building a brand identity that’s 100% YOU and pure magic.
  • Struggling to keep life at A-B-C: Always Be Creating.
  • Guess what? I’ve got a simple, fun solution for all the above: Hire your own personal Clever Unicorn (that’s me!) to do the tech-y, brand-y geek work for you.

Your Own Brand of Magic

Gentle reminder: You are Stardust AF.
I make sure you never forget that, and your marketing will shimmer with it.

Artsy Videos

You + U> = poetry in motion!

Dynamic Design

We dream it, I design it!

Web Geekery

Powered by the art of U>.

Social Sparkle

You create. I work your net.


People remember how you make them FEEL. That’s why branding must be treated like art: when they feel your work, they organically want more of you. It is that complex, and that simple. I help you with the art and the science and the magic of it all.

High-End Book Trailers

Picture this: Award-winning book trailers that look like opening titles sequences to popular TV shows and films in your genre. That’s what I do, and that’s why they wow.

Sparkling Social Video

The results are in: Short, looping videos and images with moving effects are the most engaging posts on social media. Let’s light up your feeds with gorgeous social vidoes!

Video Post Production

Does your video project need color correction? Artistic layers, fonts and effects? Do you need a reel that sizzles? Lyric videos that make them sing? Let’s do this thing!

Web Wizardry

A website that is tech-savvy, jaw-dropping, future proof, cookie-cutter free, and plays beautifully with social media? I’ve got just what the wizard ordered.

Effortless Social Media

Reclaim your feeds with posts that make people smile, think, feel, and stay connected to you. Our little secret: you’re off creating while I’m running the social show.

Dynamic Designs

Banners, ads and shareables that sparkle. Print ads that pop. Bookmarks, cards, stickers and t-shirts for your giveaways, contests and signings? I am your unicorn.

The Buzz

Magical clients & projects. Unicorn results. That’s how we roll!
“I’ve been sitting on this glitterbomb of a book trailer for so long, silently squeeing to myself. I’m overjoyed to be able to share it with the world; it’s sexy and stylish and an excellent representation of what’s between the covers of Amberlough.Lara Elena Donnelly

Author, Tor Books

“I’ve been working with Jaye for over three years now, and she is fantastic. She always comes through with a unique book trailer that our authors love, and her creativity really shines through her work.” Alex Yeadon

Marketing & Author Relations, Sourcebooks

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jaye. I call her my sparkly creative unicorn because her skills are just beyond. She has made my website and entire social media presence look gorgeous, but on top of that, she’s also great at writing copy and reminding me of things that need to be done when I’m either too swamped or distracted to keep up with my own book releases. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her. She has a beautiful eye and also possesses an uncanny ability to tailor her look and voice to those of her clients. Plus she’s a total genius at integrating my site with all the different social platforms out there, even the ones I forget that I’m on. I’m constantly in awe of her.” Teri Wilson

Writer & Novelist, Harlequin, Pocket & Tulle Publishing; Hello Giggles; Teen Vogue; WWKD?

“Working with Jaye is a delight. She combines a keen eye for graphic design with the know-how necessary to get everything working on the back-end of a website. Communication is friendly and straightforward, and she’s always easy to get in touch with whenever I have a question. I can’t count how many compliments I’ve had on the website since it went up!” Brian Staveley

Author, Tor Books

“Jaye Rochon is the best creative for all of your digital needs. She’s the first person I go to if my author needs a creative digital package to promote their books in multiple channels. And she always exceeds expectations!”

Photo Credit: Jon Pinney Ardi Alspach

Writer & Book Publicist, Sterling Publishing;;

“Jaye Rochon is a real keeper, the consummate professional. When it comes to making book trailers, movie trailers, other videos, she knows her stuff – the art, the music, the voice over talent, and how to put it all together, and get it out there, on time, as promised. Very conscientous and very refreshing. See for yourself on my video page!” Ronald S. Barak

Author, The Brooks / Lotello Political Thriller Series

The U>Files

Creativity, real-life magic, geekery and Unicorn food.

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Yay! It is ON.

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