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Unlike Elon, A24 Gets X Right

Between the terrible rebranding of Twitter to cults like NXIVM and ConneXions, it seemed like the letter X was doomed. Then came A24 to redeem this cursed letter into an X that marked the spot. Official Synopsis In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an...

Book Trailer of the Week: FAIR ROSALINE

Now that I have shown you my darkest book trailer projects in a Clever Unicorn spooky season relaunch, I've decided to start featuring one book trailer a week here on this blog because why not? 😉 I'm always in the mood for a good, twisty retelling, and Natasha...

My Best Halloween Book Trailers

Happy Samhain, you magical creatures! It's time to ring in this most hallowed holiday with my witchiest, most spine-tingling, and darkly magical book trailers, starting with the most recent projects fresh out of the editing bat cave and ending with a music video... Where Life is Magic and Geekery

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