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Why I Torched My YouTube Channel

This is the continuing story of a YouTube Channel that's gone to the dogs. This article first appeared on my Medium blog. Enjoy! 🥰 I’m about to tell you a story about a video editor who won multiple Telly, Davey and Pixie Awards over the years for her work — but she’s...

King of Battle and Blood Official Trailer

If you follow me on social media, you will quickly learn that... I’m a bit of a witch. In fact, I identify as one. When I have the opportunity to create on the darkly magical side, I’m in my happy place. This project was no exception; it was as close to being a witchy...

Fifty Shades of Grey Box Set Trailer

I'm beyond excited to see the official trailer I created for Bloom Books and E.L. James taking social media by storm this week! 🙃😅 This sexy Fifty Shades collection of books and art cards comes out 11.16.20, and I think you're gonna love what you see! Erika (E.L.)... Where Life is Magic and Geekery

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