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Neon Beginnings & New Directions…

After two eternal years, it’s so exciting to finish my own website rebranding, launch it a little earlier than I’d planned, and love it as much as I love my client websites! 😁 I had wanted to make it official for the start of my favorite month, October, and wow, here I am on September 26th ready to rock! Yes, there are still some odds and ends to add in, but as of today, this baby is ready for eyeballs! 👀

I started out with darker tones and neon several years back, then changed to light colors at one point, which didn’t work for me after all. I’m a sparkling darkling. I love rainbows on black backgrounds and neon. I really love the neon flowers I found for the backgrounds. It captures my personality: ethereal, witchy and retro AF. I think the Gen-Xer in me will always gravitate towards neon. ⚡

Neon is my love language. 🤓

I’ve made some pretty big decisions regarding the state of my online brand, this blog, my social media, and more, so stay tuned!

Just for giggles, here’s a little “mood board” I created to nail down the colors and vibes I wanted to pursue for this new website design. If you’re ever creatively stuck, just look for mood boards on Pinterest and you’ll get inspired pretty quickly! (Or… maybe you’ll get overwhelmed, but it sure is fun). 😉

I think mood boards are my favorite part of the branding process, honestly! If I could be paid just to create color palettes and branding mood boards all day, I would be in heaven. Not that I don’t love what I do now, but… y’know, we always dream for more don’t we? It’s human nature!

See you soon with more magic!


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